Hire Me (will write for food.)

I work as a professional copywriter when I’m not tag-teaming my twins, getting lost in a book, or getting lost somewhere else in the world. I’ve written SEO optimized content for major universities, real estate companies, women’s health clinics, and destination resorts, among others.

Though I’m a content writer for a huge variety of businesses, I’ve listed my specialties below, and you can find a few writing samples on my portfolio here. Because my time is limited (did I mention twins?), I’m selective about the work I take on. I specialize in product description writing and consumer goods marketing, though I love researching and writing articles as well.

I work on a quick turnaround but limit clients to those whose needs mesh well with my experience and my personal interests. This way I don’t get bored, and my clients don’t get halfhearted content.


I have a bachelor’s degree in English/Professional Writing and am (slowly) pursuing a master’s degree in linguistics. As a copywriter, I produce blog posts, well-researched articles, and social media content for insurance companies, real estate firms, educational institutions, and small businesses. I have also consulted on and led projects involving rewriting existing web page content to be more readable and SEO-friendly.

The tone of my professional writing is consistently down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and conversational. If you need someone to write academic journal articles, I can recommend other writers who would better fit that bill.

Product Description Writing and Consumer Goods Marketing

One of my favorite industries (and the one I’ve done the most work for) is the world of consumer goods. My work here involves writing product descriptions, catalog entries, and blog posts focused on marketing consumer goods, and I’ve written catalog descriptions for everything from nationally recognized clothing labels to high end furniture retailers, among others.

If you’ve been in the consumer goods industry for long, you know how powerful a well-phrased product description can be. You also know how difficult writing great product descriptions is. A solid description completes online store listings in a way that stock photos and bulleted lists cannot approximate.

Article Writing

I research and write articles on everything from real estate to insurance policies and interior decorating. The research process is my favorite part of these projects, as I love to dig deeply into new fields.

Blog Post Writing

Blogs drive traffic right where you want it and can be your most powerful marketing ally, if they’re filled with appropriate, timely, SEO friendly content. Every company needs a well-maintained blog to offer customers value that keeps them coming back and to build conversions, not just clicks. I have written hundreds of blog posts for a huge variety of companies. Whether you need someone to furnish regular content for your blog or just to fill in the gaps here and there, feel free to try me.

Feel free to email me with questions or if you’d like samples of my work!