On the Books, October Edition

Choosing between reading, writing, knitting, and staring vegetatively into space has resulted in a lot of scrambling for minutes and not as much reading as I thought I’d get done this year. It’s almost the end of October (in case you overlooked that somehow), and I’ve read 12 books out of my goal of 35. I don’t think I’ve ever read so little in a year. But here’s what I have in terms of a bookish update.

26061560The Biggest Story offers a look at the Bible’s story from beginning to end. The sweeping overview from creation to the resurrection offers a look at the big picture of God’s plan for us. It’s the literary forest when children so often just get shown the trees. And the illustrations are absolutely mesmerizing! I could stare at them for hours.

The twins aren’t big enough to sit down and appreciate all the illustrations, but they did seem fascinated by all the colors, when they slowed down enough to take a look. I read them the entire book in about forty minutes while they were playing several days ago. It’s simple and straightforward enough that I suspect it would resonate with some preschool-aged kids.


I also started reading Kipps aloud while the kiddos played last week. We’re about 30 pages in, and it seems to provide excellent background noise for playing–they tend to entertain themselves more and use me as a jungle gym less when I’m reading aloud, so that’s a win.

H.G. Wells is surprisingly easy to read aloud. The dialogue and sentences just flow the way good writing should. And it’s refreshing to read some of Wells’ non-sci-fi works. I’ll probably take my time getting through it, but I’m already loving the characters. 28587957

Annnnd yesterday at Barnes & Noble, I couldn’t resist Jodi Picoult’s latest release, Small Great Things. I suspect that once I crack it open (probably this afternoon), I’ll finish it in just a couple of days, even if I have to sacrifice a night of sleep to do so.



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