Month: May 2016

Whole 30 Recap

For those of you who are at all curious, we finished the Whole30. No bread, sugar, legumes, dairy of any kind, or pizza.

Okay, so… 28 days. Does it make me a failure if my Whole30 was a Whole28?

On Saturday Manny and I ended up an hour from home after a day of wandering. We had walked a few miles scouting yard sales. We attended our local(ish) Tula Love Play Date, a babywearing meet-up that turned out to be amazing. And we hit up the Webs Tent Sale, a once-a-year yarn sale in Northampton that I couldn’t miss, despite the fact that my yarn connection rivals that of some small yarn shops.

After all that, mostly wearing babies, we were both starving. And there was a Five Guys Burgers & Fries. I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

I started the Whole30 as a diet reset. And it did that. It changed our normal and forced us to think of food differently. I lost 15 pounds over the 30 (ahem, 28) days without changing anything but my diet. I felt better, had more energy, and suffered from absolutely NO food guilt during that time.

I’m suffering from food guilt now. That hamburger doesn’t feel as great as it tasted. So the Whole30 challenge didn’t fix everything. It was still one of the best things I could have done for myself post-twins, and I wish I’d done it sooner.

After a lot of soul-searching and talking to Manny, I’ve decided to keep eating a mostly Whole30 diet from now on. I’m going back on the Whole30 completely for a few days to bounce back from the food I shouldn’t have eaten, then reintroducing a bit of milk and agave nectar in my coffee/tea (one thing that I really have missed!).

I’m also going to start adding in deliberate workouts (as in, something other than just weightlifting twins, which counts for not much). A friend in my Mothers of Twins group shared that she had great success with the much-acclaimed Mommy Trainer 15-Day Challenge. So I’m going to give it a try–it’s a good fit for the timeline I have between now and our two-week trip to Texas.

It’s a process.