Whole30 Day 9

I feel amazing. I want pizza. But I feel amazing. And I’m already a little terrified of what happens after this Whole30 is over and I have to trust myself to make reasonable choices without strict rules keeping me in line.

Part of the Whole30 program is a commitment NOT to step on the scale until it’s over. That’s probably a good thing, because I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any weight (yet), and confirming that would be the worst thing I could do for myself right now. If I stop to think about it, I want pizza. Not a slice or two. I want an entire large pepperoni pizza.

And a latte.

But I don’t really. The truth is, I’m feeling more rested, and I have more energy to do things during the day. I think I’m less grouchy, though I’m not sure whether or not Manny would agree about that one. And knowing that I’m making good choices about what to put into my body makes me feel better about pretty much everything.

I’m really surprised by some of the things I don’t miss. Like sugar. If I thought about it long enough, I’d have to acknowledge that life would indeed be incomplete without cheesecake. But on an everyday basis, the only time I really miss sugar is when I’m making my coffee in the morning.

I don’t miss dairy, except cheese. Boy do I miss cheese.

I don’t miss legumes. I could live just fine without beans, peanut butter, or anything similar.

I don’t really even miss grains. Not the way I thought I would. I mean, I want my morning bowl of oatmeal, and I want to be able to eat a sandwich. Or, like I said, a pizza. But I could live without them for the most part. And the fact that I can say that is kind of monumental.

Unfortunately, we have managed to spend almost an entire month’s normal grocery budget in the week and a half we’ve been doing the program, so I’m going to have to get smarter about meal planning and shopping. On the upside, we’re not eating out, so that does help the budget issues a bit.

In other news, we moved the twins into their own room last night. It’s kind of sad and kind of strange to have our bedroom to ourselves again–and, more importantly, to be able to go into our bedroom after 8 p.m. without tiptoeing around in fear of hitting a squeaky floorboard. In moving them into their own room, I’m thinking about all the things I want to do to the room–new curtains, painting the dressers, putting some artwork up on the walls–to make it feel more like a nursery should feel.

I’m reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. The sad part? I’ve been trying to read it for two months now, and whenever I do have free time, so many other things seem more important. Like doing the dishes. Or knitting a thing. Or clearing out the flowerbeds outside. Or staring blankly into space.

So unless something clicks to make this book seem pretty important in the very near future, I’ll probably still be reading it when Thanksgiving rolls around. That’s #twinlife for you.

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