2015 Reading Goals

I’m slowly coming out of my post-college book slump. You know what’s kind of pathetic? Eating an entire container of hummus in one sitting. Also, having a degree in English literature and not knowing how to answer the question “What’s your favorite genre?” or “Who’s your favorite author?”.

When I was a middle-schooler, it was fantasy, re: every Cinderella rewrite ever published. In high school, it was classic English novels (I met Dickens when I was in tenth grade, fell in love, and read most of his novels that year). In college, it became whatever I had to read for classes, with little time for anything else, so it was Homer, Camus, Roethke, Brontë, Euripides, Shakespeare…

Now I have no idea what I prefer. Not sci-fi. NOT chick lit. Not Game of Thrones, despite my husband’s best efforts. Everything conservative in me balks at most of the stuff on the “most popular” lists.

I’ve found some YA stuff I love, but it hurts my (misguided?) sense of literary pride to spend the majority of my reading time on it. Creative nonfiction is good; if well-written (think Unbroken), it’s as riveting as a novel, and it leaves me feeling like I haven’t wasted my time on fluff.

Not wasting my time on fluff seems very important recently.

But I’m feeling stuck. This is the year to read out of my comfort zones and try to figure out a more decent-sounding response to the question I’ve started to dread: What do you like to read?*  

Something has to change.

Because an English grad who casts down her eyes and mutters the words “wide variety” and “whatever is well written” in response is an English grad who feels like she’s sacrificed her credibility on the altar of indecision.

She then resorts to sitting with her phone scouring Oyster and Goodreads for the perfect-sounding book to read, while unwittingly eating eight servings of hummus at once.


Personal goal: Read 52 books this year. Make half of them non-fiction. Figure out my favorites.

Maybe something like this is a good place to start:

From A Girl Who Reads, on Popsugar.

*Maybe the very question is flawed. Or maybe there’s never going to be a simple answer for someone who reads widely. Maybe I’m not as messed-up as I feel? :D


  1. I tend to read books again…because I get really irritated if I have to stop in the middle of a story. I will remember a scene and want to revisit the words. I also tend to read authors and not branch out because I get interrupted so often. Shallow, I know, but that’s the way it is. I have lots of books I might get to and few I actually read.

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