Bed is so much more comfortable when someone you love is in it. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The hubster has been working nights. Incidentally, I have reverted to an almost completely nighttime schedule.

This is becoming a terrible, self-reinforcing pattern. I convince myself I’m sleepy sometime around 3 a.m., and then HE comes home and his sleepyness is contagious, and I can’t drag myself out of bed for the life of me.

Something about the magnetic force of having another warm body in bed just seeps into my already-confused circadian rhythms and convinces me that I must stay in bed. At all costs. It’s like well-intentioned, motivated lazyness.

Then all of a sudden, it’s 3 p.m. and I’ve slept for twelve hours. Two hours later, the hubster goes back to work, and the cycle starts again, relentlessly robbing me of the best hours of my day.

I’ve also discovered that pretty much the only thing open 24 hours a day on Guam is the K-Mart. Which is good for people-watching, if not much else. On weekends, the Infusion coffee shop in Tamuning stays open until midnight, which is great until… midnight. At which point I still have six hours left to pretend to be my usual productive, creative, *cough*responsible*cough* self.

2014 Resolution #11: Watch more sunrises. On this schedule, it should be easy.

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