Favorite Places on Guam: Oka Point Lookout

A few days after our wedding back in May, I asked my husband where we could find a good sunset.

A bit later, he had pulled our SUV to the side of the road, just down the street from an ageing condominium complex. In front of us, a rutted dirt road turned into the jungle and curved out of sight. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow, doubting that this muddy, littered path could lead anywhere interesting.

“Is this your idea of romantic?”

Turns out, it was.


It was a short walk to the edge of a cliff–paved with concrete and edged with a disintegrating railing. We could hear the waves crushing and singing as they broke on the rocks a hundred feet below.

But then… there was a sunset, mirrored by the smooth waters of the Philippine Sea, bigger than our eyes could take in at a glance. We were surrounded by color.

If you Google “Oka Point Lookout,” you’ll find a few references to it, but few–if any–talk about the steps that lead down the cliff’s edge. One amazingly helpful blogger added details to Google maps–click here for directions. After you walk to the kind-of balcony (watch your step!), take a right and follow the sidewalk into the jungle. You’ll find a narrow, rail-less set of stairs that leads inexorably down. There’s another lookout point halfway down the cliff.


P.S. For a bit more of an adventure, try hitting Oka Point when there’s a storm out in Philippine waters. Leave your electronics locked in the car and, when you get down there, hold on tight, because anything could happen.

Like this.


  1. I spent lots off time here, we called it “the staircase”. Navy Air VW 1. Enjoyed your stories, keep writing, love your child, my granddaughter is 18 months, what a joy.

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