Where bucket lists and jobs collide

I wasn’t looking for a job, but a job found me.

Diving Finger Reef, Guam

Diving Finger Reef, Guam

I’m starting to notice that whenever I find myself on the road to blissfully having a break from the workforce, ridiculously random positions throw themselves at me.

Illustration: Inventory of random jobs.

  • I have delivered phone books
  • I have worked in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich factory
  • I have written about Christmas trees and Lady Gaga’s latest hairstyles
  • I have done mystery shops
  • I have worked in a power plant
  • I have installed condensate pumps and repaired steam pipes in tunnels under the sidewalks of the university I attended
  • I have insulated and hung ductwork
  • I have sold hand-crocheted and knitted blankets

So when I graduated, got married, and moved to Guam, I was happy to relax, kick back with the books I didn’t have time to read and the stories I didn’t have time to write during my college years, sip tea, and watch the days go by with the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific lapping at my toes.

After a couple of months, I was going crazy with my books and tea, but remained unwilling to actually try to go back to work. A job threw itself at me.

I took on another bucket list item and signed up for classes to get scuba dive certified (cf. Skydiving Down, Guam). After the class was over, I stopped to speak to one of the managers of the store.

“Come work at the dive shop!” they said.

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

I couldn’t figure out a reason to turn them down.

…so here I am, working at the largest dive shop on Guam, trying to convince would-be divers and experts to jump into those sparkly Pacific waters with thousands of dollars in gear strapped to their backs. 

I’m still trying to figure out how this happened.

One comment

  1. Isn’t God awesome! He finds seemingly random jobs to channel your skills and passions onto paths that bring you joy, and experiences He can use later for something new. . .

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