Hyperbolic life

So, um, here we are. I knew I needed to get it back together when I confessed to one of my best friends that I haven’t really been writing lately.

Like, barely at all. After ten (twelve?) years of consistently writing my life, suddenly I hit something I didn’t at all know how to put on to paper.

I got married, and I forgot how to write.

“You haven’t been writing?” my friend said, incredulous, during a staticky international phone call. “But… that’s not you.” 

No kidding!

So I picked up a pen to make some kind of sense out of the overwhelming adventureness that surrounds me, even though it’s been over three months since I packed up, moved overseas, and married the man I love.

I’m certain that everything coming off my pen/out of my fingers in the next few weeks (months? years?) will be either extreme overstatement or understatement, me trying to make sense of the beautiful, unexpected hyperbole that is suddenly life.

But some kind of compulsion (mental illness?) compels me to get it out of my brain and onto paper. Things are going to change around here–in my life, and on this blog. So here goes.

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