Skydiving Down, Guam

I’ve lived in Guam for about a month and a half now.

From what I’ve heard about enjoying life on the island, it just seems smart to develop a healthy relationship with the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean from the get-go. Call it insurance against deciding that I hate it here (as if the sunsets aren’t enough). 

I don’t think I could dislike Guam if I tried. But as long as I’m young and resilient and adventurous (I’m told that one day I’ll be old, tired, and boring) I might as well try as many new exploratory things as possible.

That, and my husband told me that getting dive certified was a non-option once I moved out here.

So. The dive shop, one of my new favorite places, threw me into a class with five big military guys and wished me the best of luck. I haven’t needed luck yet…

It’s like skydiving (the BCD even feels like the harness skydivers wear), only superslowmotion and down, not up. Worth the sunburn. 

If I take the wings of the morning
and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
even there your hand shall lead me,
and your right hand shall hold me.

Psalm 139:9-10


  1. Great when you write about your adventures…sell it to the dive shop for advertising….Trade for tank air…got a good under water camera? Now you can get a cool watch…the possibilities are endless…one more item for that “guidebook ” for servicemen and their also get a cool bumper sticker so other divers will know you dive…put it beside the skydiving and the AT sticker. Combine them…say-“Been there…done that…found God in every place!”

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