Sleepless 1,447 miles

UPDATE: I am aware that Triton is not a tropical storm, and that tropical storms are not generally found in the Minnesota-Iowa region. I might have still been suffering from sleep-deprivation at the time this post was written. Don’t judge.

Last weekend, I flew up to Minnesota to spend six hours speed-vacationing on the Minnesota-Canada border with my good friend Rissa. Then we piled in the car and spent thirty hours driving back, getting to know Tropical Storm Triton.

I’m sure it was an amazing trip. I don’t remember much about it, except that I didn’t sleep. At. All.

Also, I received this email from Rissa sometime after we became blissfully turned-around somewhere outside of Waterloo, Iowa:

We are in Iowa! And in Iowa there are crops! And where there are crops there are crop circles! And where there are crop circles there are UFO’s! And where there are UFO’s there are aliens and possessed people riding bicycles around strange miniature castles!

Not enough coffee.


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