Confession: I travel with a rubber ducky. It is fearless. It goes with me everywhere. I got it from Zurich, Switzerland. Its name is Gritzie.

Even when I’m travelling alone, I travel with Gritzie. Gritzie has seen a lot of back roads (and interstate highways, and airports) in the last few years. The duck is an essential part of any trip. The duck is fearless.

Today Gritzie got to see the Atlantic Ocean. Rode a trolley around historic Charleston, SC for a few hours. Cruised along the intracoastal waterway from Charleston to Myrtle Beach on a crazy, last-minute, middle-of-midterms-week road trip.

I came close to losing Gritzie off the pier in Charleston Harbor this afternoon. I was trying to get a shot of the duck with the docked Carnival cruise whip and Fort Sumter in the background. I accidentally punched Gritzie in the nose. Just caught her before she took a dive into the water, about a 10-foot drop.

As I watched the swirling water below, I concluded that if Gritzie went overboard, I’d have to go in after her. And that that could result in some interesting explanations.

Do they make lifejackets for rubber ducks?

Do they make lifejackets for human travelers who decide to cannonball into an ocean and start swimming?

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