Wonder Why

Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

1 Peter 3:15, KJV

Last Friday, Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, was on campus to speak. According to the professor of my Apologetics & Worldview class, his name is one of those names I should automatically recognize, because apparently he’s a real mover and shaker in creation science today. Touché.

After listening to Ken Ham speak and doing a little research to learn more about Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, I got a niggling sort of feeling that I’ve been slacking.

I was convicted about this a couple of years ago. The need for me to know why I believe what I believe became especially clear when, a couple of years ago, a group of solid Christian friends and I had an interesting conversation with a drunk evolutionist in downtown Greenville (the Hasarah desert is in Egypt? Really?).

“Be prepared to tell people why you have this hope.” Anyone who wants to have an effective ministry, according the Bible, should be prepared to tell people why. What reasons do I have to believe that what I believe is real?

If evolution (or Islam, or Mormonism, or whatever) is the main philosophy that opposes Christianity today, then why don’t more Christians figure out how to talk to these people?

If our mission on earth is to tell the world about Jesus, then what excuse do we have to continue failing as apologists, as people who know that we have real foundations on which to stake our faith?

If we’re to tell the world about Jesus, then why, in Sunday School and VBS and Wednesday night meetings, do we teach the same Bible stories over and over again–and not the defense of the faith? Why don’t we dig into the opposition’s arguments and find out for what reasons we have to believe what we believe?

Are we so afraid that our faith isn’t really defend-able?


  1. Hi Steff,
    I love this post. You’ve embarked on a depth of understanding what faith is as opposed to defending it by quoting it.

    This summer I defended my faith and my core belief for the first time. It felt great. My love and faith in Jesus does not waiver. Sometimes I even question it. I’ll see some documentary that implies the Bible was edited over the years and wonder…how can this be? I can attest my faith to my personal experience and relationship with God and the person I have become as result of that relationship.

    This post is prompting me to ask you, “Is it ok to question the Bible”?

    I can’t quote scripture and I really don’t want to. For me, too much can be lost in translation and context.

    Defending faith asks a person or group to look at every angle objectively and form a conclusion aside from what is written in the Bible. Sometimes the outcome is gray. How do you defend gray? Black and White are much easier. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective when what you are researching flies in the face of everything you know to be true. It isn’t easy but it’s very interesting if you can keep an open mind.

    What I desire and try to do is live my faith out loud.

    When I converted to Catholicism I found spirituality (it was shown to me) through prayer, faith and total abandonment to God’s will. I felt a tremendous desire to create a place in my heart where God could come and dwell within me. When I looked inside, there wasn’t much room. So, over time, I cleaned out the cobwebs, got rid of old baggage and created a place I hoped He would want to come.

    Your questioning of Genesis makes me smile and shows me how God is working in your life right now. It’s very interesting. It’s my desire to walk a path that would make Him proud. I do believe there are different paths. I think my mind is much to small to presume otherwise. So I decided a while ago not to judge the path but to focus on the reason for the path.

    I look forward to more posts…as always, beautiful writing!

    Love You,

  2. Cheryl, I hope this post hasn’t given you the wrong impression–let me tell you that the more I’ve studied, the more I’ve become convinced that I have real, reliable reasons to believe the Bible is completely true. While I am asking questions and digging deeper, I’m actually finding more reasons to believe that the creation account in Genesis is real.

    Daring to ask questions about what I believe hasn’t changed my faith at all, not because I’m turning a blind eye to the evidence, but because what I believe is incredibly defensible.

    I still believe that there is only one way to know God: as He has presented His Son in the Bible. If us Christians start choosing just parts of the Bible in which to place our faith, we undermine the credibility of all of God’s Word. If Jesus was lying when He said He was the only way to God, then how can we believe anything He said? I don’t believe He was lying.

    I’m willing to question what I believe and dig in to the answers, but I’m confident that a literal view of the Bible and the Genesis account really are very defend-able. :) Hey, I love you, too. :)

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