Friends. 8,000 miles away.

I’m going to miss this summer like a mixed-up memory.

Part of me says it’s self-defeatingly stupid to make good friends who live an ocean–and a continent–away.

View from the top of Mount Tapochau, Saipan, CNMI

It’d be easier, safer, to be polite and kind without getting attached. Knowing that we’re family in Christ is priceless. But with a few people, “I’ll see you in heaven” doesn’t come close to cutting it. Why go to the trouble?

…as if I’d ever take the easier or safer option.

Anybody have a Kleenex?

Maybe next summer will bring me back to the Marianas. Maybe…


  1. One of the most joyous things about life is that you never know when those precious first steps of friendship will evolve into a lifetime of shared memories. And on occasion, our paths cross again in this lifetime on unforeseen roads-at unexpected times. Tears are the realization that both are possible-and sometimes out of our control.

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