Paradise is rather wet today.

Not wet in the terms of sparkling turquoise-emerald waters, but the kind of wet that falls from the sky and makes your dress shoes sink into the unpaved streets.

As I write this, the students in my beginning-level ESL class are hard at work on sudoku and word-search puzzles. It’s the last hour of class. The only sounds are the erasers rubbing out wrong answers, a soft swoosh of steady showers on the roof above, and the hum of the air conditioner.

Today, a rambunctious Korean kid did his homework for the first time in two weeks. And almost came close to passing a quiz.

Today, no one has been sent to the principal’s office (score!) and when I led songs during the chapel hour, the kids actually sang.

Did you catch that? They sang! The über-mature mini adults in my class sang for real. Happiness.

And then. And then they came close to murdering each other over a game of rock-paper-scissors during lunch break. I really don’t want to witness that kind of homicide at this point in my life.

The rain is sounding really good right now. Like I need to go sink my toes into some of those unpaved streets as soon as this class is over.



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