Snorkeling in the Philippine Sea

I had a moment with a fish today.

He was about two inches long, crimson and lemon-yellow striped, with curious eyes. While all the other fish were cautiously swimming for cover in the coral reef, he swam over and fearlessly hovered just inches from my nose, looking me right in the goggles.

A sea of fish I could’ve sworn were glowing blue swooshed to my left. A few dozen sea cucumbers lazed about six feet below in the creamy white sand.

Goggles pinching my face into an inhuman contortion, snorkel adding to the overall look, I felt like an intruder into a beautiful world I didn’t even know existed. (And yet another Bucket List item bites the dust!)

Oh, to be as fearless as that little fish.


  1. During my time in the Philippines this summer I’ve definitely realized that some of the most beautiful parts of this country lie under the water. Wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing :)


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