81 squarishes

There’s nothing like a week back in my hometown to remind me of the restlessness I was glad to leave four years ago. This week, the solution to my restlessness was in my grandma’s closet. I found a lot of thirty-year-old fabric, scraps left over after Grandma ‘Cille sewed school dresses for her four growing-up girls.

Projects like this remind me why I don’t do projects like this.

Because quilting isn’t my forte, I didn’t finish without muttering some admittedly unfair things about material and the forty-year-old sewing machine I was using.

I also stabbed the batting with the needle a little more vehemently (and a little more frequently) than it really merited. I might have shed a few drops of blood in the process.

Putting together duct work is a whole lot easier.


      1. You’re welcome. I loved the colours and the prints. More to the fact it can add a little individuality to the home, which sounds so great compared to the usual shop bought one.
        I can see you have some real talent there, keep it up! You have some real skills! I am a creative pattern cutter graduate and have knowledge of sewing too. Mostly I specialise in Tailoring for dresses and outerwear using woven fabrics. There is more info on my blog. I am also following your blog too! ;)

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