I woke up in class yesterday morning.

Suddenly I was sitting in Alumni 112, chatting with the person sitting next to me, when I realized I couldn’t remember getting out of bed. Or getting dressed. Or driving to the university. Did I even park Leo, my car? Walk to class?

Apparently I had somehow done it, because I was in the correct classroom. The books I needed were in my bag. My shoes matched. And my unconscious had even, apparently, put earrings on. Perhaps nurturing and training this thing could lead to unprecedented levels of productivity and academic effectiveness–functioning on less sleep than ever before.

Or not.

Note to self: It’s more important to be present in life at 8 a.m. on Monday than it is to painstakingly study, write, and be academic the night before.

Christ paid in blood so I could have life. How can I ever just go through the motions when He died so I could be free? His gift is worth so much more than that. Life requires more than that.

Right now, my life is about living and preparing for the ministry to which I’m called. Sometimes that means taking ridiculously long hikes in the mountains, embarrassing myself in an attempt to teach an English class, writing an article, or trying to figure out Henry James.

Right now life is about waking up.

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