Christmas break is killing me

One day at a time, break is stealing my mornings. I’ve been off work for the last few days. When I’ve woken up, mornings  have been completely gone. And there are these ridiculously long afternoons that stretch into the very late hours of the night. What is one supposed to do with such awkward parts-of-days?

Christmas break just blows everything out of proportion. Everything seems bigger. Stranger. I suppose three years of college has ruined me. I have no methods for dealing with so much unallotted time.

I’m drinking coffee at 9 p.m., baking cookies late at night, doing morning devotionals when I wake up around noon. I have a callous on my thumb from crocheting so much. I’ve done more reading this week than during some weeks of the school year. Talked on the phone, spent more hours on chat, catching up with friends, than I have in ages. It’s amazing.

It’s agonizing.

In some ways, I absolutely love this. In other ways, Christmas Break is killing me. I think I need to go back to work. And then sign up for a few more classes than I’m able to comfortably deal with.

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