4.36 hours of sleep

This morning I put coffee in my oatmeal.

I didn’t realize what I had done. I even took a moment to feel just a little proud of myself for remembering to hit the correct button on the cafeteria coffee dispenser.

I know from experience that if you hit “decanter,” what was once a normal coffee mug becomes a fountain of flowing hot water and yet-to-be-dissolved chunks of instant coffee as the “right” amount is automatically dispensed. Onto your shoes.

That coffee dispenser and I have endured a shaky three-year relationship. Once, after an unfortunate overflow incident, I boycotted the machine for two weeks.

This morning, I had gone through the line to retrieve an oatmeal packet and poured it into my cereal bowl when I approached the beverage wall and purposefully hit the “manual” button.

I was halfway back to my table when I realized what I’d done. The brown, splotchy sludge in my cereal bowl then began to mock me. So much for breakfast. Orange juice would suffice.

“Happy Friday!” the person working on the tray return line yelled when I returned my tray and bowl of sludge.

Happy Friday, indeed.

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