Dramatic Effect

I was a little disappointed when the most life-changing, perspective-altering information I ever received came in the form of an email.

It’s too shallow a medium. Mysteries solved and stories of death and life are supposed to come in person or, better yet, in a handwritten letter. Ideally, it’d be a scrawling letter with tear smudges for dramatic effect. Like a wartime missive from a long-lost lover who was supposed to be dead. Or something.

So the hopeless Gone With the Wind side of me was a little injured when I got an EMAIL. An email telling me about the birth mother who gave me up for adoption twenty years ago– an email informing me I have two little brothers—an email telling me about a family I never knew I had.

On a snowy November day in 1990, an unmarried woman brought a 9-lb baby girl into the world, nursed her, and gave her to a couple who’d been trying to have a child for years. Enter my adopted parents, the only parents I’ve ever known.

The same week, I got an equally unromantic PHONE CALL telling me that my adopted dad had gotten remarried. Enter a stepmother, two stepsisters, and another set of family.

I got the news several weeks ago, but I’m still not at all sure how to write about it. Or how to feel about it. I have no schema for dealing with this, except. . . joy that God is sovereign, and that He’s given me life.

As I talk to my birth mother (and my two little brothers!!!) more, I feel like I’m getting pieces of my life I’ve been missing without even knowing it.

Maybe email isn’t as impersonal as I thought.

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