This could get expensive.

One of my side jobs involves writing content for websites, and for the past five weeks, that has meant writing product descriptions for an online bath & body store. Easy enough, right? Describe a product in 100-150 words, include descriptive details, and collect a $4 paycheck.

The problem is, after writing 84 (at last count) descriptions of Hungarian down comforters and pricey sheet sets, I’ve become quite sure that my dorm room next semester will be woefully incomplete without a 1,500 thread count, 700 fill-power down comforter—just what my room needs to give it that five-star resort feel, right?—and pure silk pillowcases.

The other day, I mentioned to a friend how great it would be if I could fund my travel, skydiving, and other extras just by writing. “Wouldn’t it be great,” she answered, “if you could, um, fund your life by writing? Isn’t that what you’re going to school for?”


Maybe I’ll wait a bit longer before springing for the Hungarian down.

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