Mejor que skydiving

So, tomorrow I’m going skydiving–that’s a big item to cross off the bucket list. But I’m pretty sure that what I did tonight tops jumping out of an airplane

Today I stepped into the shoes of an English teacher for a couple of hours. I substitute-taught an adult English as a Second Language class at the Greenville Literacy Association. Pretty sure it’ll always be weird to stand in front of a classroom. Sometimes it’s a long way from one side of a school desk to the other.

Tonight I had five students from Burma, Vietnam, and Mexico. We learned active verbs by playing a game of bingo… and dancing, singing, jumping, kicking, flying, swimming, and thinking along the way. There was a lot of laughter in that classroom, but the very best part was testing the students on the new vocabulary and knowing that they’d really learned it.

A couple of the younger guys said they were having a little bit of trouble understanding some of the words… could I please demonstrate “to kiss” and “to dance” in the same way that I’d demonstrated “to sing” and “to jump”? *cough* That digression was very short-lived.

The class was over before I knew it. They all thanked me  profusely (when did I become Miss Steffani?) and seemed genuinely disappointed when I told them their regular teacher would be back next week. They learned stuff. They’re amazing people who have this incredible desire to learn the language of their new home, and I got to be a part of that.

How could jumping out of an airplane compare? I guess I’ll find out.


  1. :) LIKE! :) Sky diving sounds totally amazing!!!! And that teaching must have been quite an experience!! ;)

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