It’s true.

A journal excerpt from 10/02/2003 (I was twelve years old):

…just before leaving town, Mom pointed to the ground and asked the man, “Does that look like antifreeze to you? Do you know anything about cars?” The guy squatted in front of the van and stuck his finger in the stuff. After examining it and smelling it–thank goodness he didn’t taste it!–he replied. “Yup.”

He lifted the hood. Stared inside for awhile. “Yuh’ve got a hole in yer radiator.”

I lost interest. They talked for a while and I got back in the van so Bunker Hill could be attacked. In the meantime, Mom established the fact that she needed something called “stop leak” and to add plenty of water. The man was a lot of help… if we had never stopped at that place and noticed the leak, the radiator could have caused the engine to blow up.

In a moment of lucidity, I understood: God makes life work. It’s true.

It’s been almost nine years since I wrote those words, but I don’t think I’m through learning how true they are.

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