Philosophy in a Granny Square

Last year, I lived in a dorm for the first time as a third-year university student. If nothing else, living in the dorms gave me a good taste of the diverse palette of ways all the girls around me dealt with stress.

The Health, Fitness, and Rec major lifted weights. My Costa Rican roommate ate chocolate. The budding writer across the hall made loud noises. The Dramatic Productions major several doors down painted her face and pounced on unsuspecting passers-by. Some sat in the halls, oblivious to all else, crying silently.

So… suddenly it’s June. July. And stuff starts happening around me that challenges everything I ever thought I knew about who I am and how I got here. Or… maybe it’s just boredom. I’ll leave that up to the imagination. Either way, apparently when I get stressed (bored?), I either turn to a pen and paper or this:

Right now, though, I’m not sure there are enough granny squares in the world to make it right. Maybe after this I should go with some ridiculously complex knitted lace. Or…. try chocolate. It can’t hurt, right?

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