A new year!

Move over, January 1st – the real new year (for students and teachers, anyway) starts with the beginning of the fall semester. For me, the first waves of cooler weather, the piles of textbooks, and the return of close-toed shoes are the clearest markers of a year to come. And some years just look and feel brighter than others.

Summer was awesome – I toured Europe, saw family, worked in an incredibly unique summer job, made new friends and connected with old ones… you’d think I’d be mourning the end of summer, especially as amazing as this one has been. But I’m just so happy for the new year to start. Weird, right? I’m excited. I’m loving my schedule – a heavy load, but I’m ready to embrace the challenge. I’m going to love working on campus. I’m going to love being insanely busy and reconnecting with friends, basically just diving back in to life at BJ and everything that goes with it.

So…. I don’t really have anything meaningful to say today, except that I am incredibly blessed. God has been so good to me, and He has given me far more than I would have thought to ask, though He did it in His own way and with His own timing. His Word is faithful; His promises are true. And on that note – welcome, Fall!!!

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