Summer #19

I’ve had nineteen opportunities to perfect the art of enjoying the summertime. Fourteen breaks from school, nineteen Junes and Julys and Augusts to seize the season. And… I’m happy to report that my performance is improving. Summer #19 has been among the best.

I do a lot of journaling – the old fashioned kind: ink pen, notebook, and floor space to spread out at the end of the day and just write. And every year in recent memory, I’ve kept a sort of map/list of all the places I traveled during the year, mostly because I’ve done a lot of traveling and it works pretty well to help me keep things sorted out in my  mind. Last year’s map was good – it included Chicago and Houston (among other incredible cities), five different beaches and around twenty different states. This year’s journal-map-thingy takes the cake, though. It’s all about Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, and France (with a few different U.S. states and a couple of beaches thrown in for good measure).

Yes, Summer #19 will be hard to beat. But now that I’m more experienced in summertime awesomeness, I think #20 might have a chance.

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